September goals

  1. Continue using daily calendar to plan day ahead of time and track accuracy of predictions
  2. Continue Krav Maga 3x / week
  3. Get LED screen to work with Arduino
  4. Get up by 8 am every day
  5. Make decision to close TacoBot or commit to a target market
  6. [get florist and baker contracts finished]*
  7. Stop by Progressive to talk to office manager re: food project
  8. Cleanup A/P in QuickBooks for Green Cart

* This also depends on other people, maybe it shouldn’t be on this list since it isn’t really in my control

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2 Responses to September goals

  1. Rachel says:

    Are you going to have a system of accountability?

    • jeffmjack says:

      I typically meet with my goal-setting buddy, Mike, at the beginning of each month. We go over our performance for the previous month (accountability) before helping each other set well-defined goals for the upcoming month.
      I have also considered coming back to my previous posts on this blog and reporting on how I did in the comments section, although I haven’t done that yet.

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