first edition is finished!

So the final version of is done.  I’m sure I’ll continue to revise it as time goes on, especially as I test different marketing strategies and get feedback from things like Google Adwords.  The final incarnation of this website will probably look a lot different- and a lot more targeted at a specific niche- than this one.

Anyway, what do you think, my four readers (Mike, Diana, Ben, Nina… is there anyone else out there?)?  Is the ninja thing too hokey?  Should I just go with something more bland, like “Bookkeeping Plus” or “Jackson Bookkeepers”?  I originally liked the ninja theme but now I’m sort of doubting the success of its delivery.  The idea was that you were hiring someone who had a system, was an expert, and moved fast.  Maybe that’s the wrong pitch for a bookkeeper.

Whatever- details.

Next steps:

  • learn more about the Certified Pro Advisor program with Quickbooks
  • use Adwords keyword tool to brainstorm Adwords campaign
  • setup Adwords campaign
  • do a screencast explaining the life cycle of products… the follow up to the “Why Quickbooks is greater than the sum of its parts” post
  • email Chris link (prospective first client) when screencast is done
  • post contest on 99designs for a logo

I’ve also got a list of promotional ideas stored in Evernote.  Will start posting those as next steps when the time comes.

Until then… please give me some feedback!

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2 Responses to first edition is finished!

  1. jeffmjack says:

    yikes, looks awful in internet explorer :(

    • Sangpunjaga says:

      Adwords is really good for proomting a product that you want to sell online. It is very important that you geoatarget your intended audience so as to avoid wasting your advertising funds.

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