Knights of Columbus letter (followup to prev post)

Well, I suppose this is kind of goofy.

Anyway, I wrote the Knights of Columbus a letter asking them to change their name today for the sake of my spiritual well-being.  I hand-wrote on a sheet of notebook paper in order to do my best to approximate the reality behind the promise I made to myself on that Oklahoma day.

I will keep you posted on if this makes me feel anything.  So far it has not, besides a smug sense of absurdity, with a little bit of shame.

letter asking the Knights of Columbus to do good by their namesake

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along!

page 2 of Knights of Columbus letter

This is stupid

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2 Responses to Knights of Columbus letter (followup to prev post)

  1. jeffmjack says:

    Still just feel kind of dumb.

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